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⚠️ The Business and Economic Landscape Has Completely Shifted…

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You’re not alone.

Your business as well as tens of thousands of others have been hit hard by this economic disaster caused by the COVID-19 and the 2020 chaos resulting in business closures, loss of clients/customers and a massive loss in profits.

Financial relief was over promised and under delivered. And recently I read that an average of 153 businesses are shutting down each day – that’s almost 8 business closed per hour!


But that doesn’t mean that YOU and your family have to go broke.

In fact, if you’re committed to saving your business and seeing it grow then there’s a LOT you can do to pivot, reinvent, differentiate your product or service and standout from the noise.


Everyday dozens of business owners reach out to me asking for help and business guidance in these crazy times.

And as much as I want to help everyone who reaches out to me… most simply cannot afford to pay $50,000 to join my mastermind or private mentorship program, so they’re lefts to figure it out on their own.

So, I created the 4 Day Business Ignition System Coaching Program for entrepreneurs just like you who are driven to make your business succeed in these uncertain times, but are not in a position to pay me $50,000 for private coaching like my 7 figure and 8 figure earning clients do.

Now, before I tell you how little the investment is for this program, let me first tell you all about the 4 Day Business Ignition System Coaching Program.

This is a four day in-depth course on how to…

  • Reinvent and pivot your business in these crazy times so that you can start making money again and finding and serving new clients and customers.
  • ​Use new online marketing and lead generation strategies to get more paying clients and customers so that you can replace the business that you lost. 
  • ​Create new income streams by quickly creating new products and services that people want to buy today.
  • ​Sell your product or service using “conversion conversations” on social media to move interested prospects into your product or service without having to sell or close in person or over the phone.
  • ​Easily create high converting funnels, offers and ads that are proven to make more sales right now (we’ve tested them with my clients across many industries and we’re going to share these with you).  

Best of all, you're not going to pay anything close to $50K -- I’m going to give you the entire course for a fraction of what my private coaching clients pay to work with me because it breaks my heart to see how politicians are putting good business like yours out of business.

But I have to be totally honest, this program isn't for everyone -- I'll get to why that is in a bit.

1) The money did NOT go away.
Money never goes away.
It just exchanges hands.
It’s your job as an entrepreneur to find out who has the money now and what offers to make them.

2) Crisis and chaos create NEW problems for people. And new problems are new opportunities for YOU and me. 

And if you can figure out what those NEW problems are that people are having…
…and if you can provide the solution to those problems, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY, a bunch of it …even in a down economy like we have now.

And that’s what I want to help you with!

I’ll show what I’m doing with my international franchise Fit Body Boot Camp with hundreds of locations worldwide to keep it growing – even now in this crazy economy.

In fact, in the middle of all this uncertainty and virus scare I created a new product for my supplement company and launched it on Amazon and it quickly became an Amazon best seller in just a matter of weeks!

Want proof? Just go to Amazon and search out TruLean Wellness Shot. BAM!

Look, I’m not the only one out there making money in all my businesses…

All 47 of my private coaching clients are making the same amount of money they were making pre-COVID or more! With some of them we had to pivot their business models.

For others, we had to reinvent their model and add new products, services and new marketing tactics.

Yet for others in my private coaching program we had to completely shift industries and help them create new services to keep them making money and growing.

The point I’m making here for you is this…

If you want to keep making good money and growing during these crazy and uncertain times, you can! And I want to show you how!


This program is a 4-Day advance course for entrepreneurs who need to find new and better ways to make their business profitable and keep them growing.
It’s an in-depth system that will help you identify NEW products, services and solutions to sell that will create NEW profit stream and growth in your company.
It’s a course of ACTIONABLE step-by-step guidance where I teach you NEW marketing systems that work in times like we’re experiencing now so that you can get more leads and customers!

There's 3 key focus points this program is going to deliver...

1)Not only how to re-invent your business and marketing during COVID-19, so you can THRIVE 
(2)Come out the other side of this economic crisis STRONGER and with better system 
(3)Complete NEW social media marketing training and strategy that no one else in your industry is using that will bring you boatloads of new business
Let me explain in greater detail below ⤵️

(Hold on tight, you're about to get a TON of value!)


 1 Day of [LIVE] Training With Bedros Keuilian

In this live training with me I’m going to give you everything I give my private coaching clients who are making multiple 7-figures and 8-figures in their businesses today.
This includes the NEW marketing strategies available that most business owners overlook, faster sales processes that convert more leads into paying customers and my process for creating new products and solutions that customers want to buy.

 3 Days of [LIVE] Social Media Marketing Training

Ever wonder the strategy marketing agency's use to generate leads for other businesses?
You'll have COMPLETE step-by-step training on how to create and launch every aspect of marketing.

- Facebook Ads
- Instagram Ads
- Click Funnel (sales pages)
- ManyChat (messenger automation)
- System integration tools 
- Identifying your ideal customer/client
- Tools & Resources
- Done-For-You templates you can use instantly
($1997 Value)

 7 Day Income Ignition Coaching Program

PIVOT and PROFIT in the next 7 days... You're going to get full access to the 7 Day Income Ignition Coaching Program training recordings so it’s like having me right there in front of you coaching you on your business.  
These coaching programs were recorded live and INTERACTIVE so you're going to see & hear the questions from business owners (who paid a LOT of money to be on this live training) just like you and the guidance I gave them to turn their business around during COVID-19. ($2,400 Value)

Social Media Cash Machine

Turn Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube into your very own Social Media Cash Machine! See, I use Social Media (specially Instagram and Facebook) as a cash machine to get more clients, customers and make more money... And I want to teach you how you can use social media as a cash machine, too. ($997 Value)

 Email Copywriting Sales Machine

Steal the best-kept Email & Copywriting Secrets from my own personal copywriter to goes in-depth on how we use email marketing to literally print money.
Here's a sneak peek of what'll be covered in the email marketing section…
Swipe and deploy the latest and greatest email frameworks to create another income stream using your email list. (even if you have a small email list right now!)
Download the 6 key copywriting principles to make your emails and you IG and Facebook captions get you even more leads!
Get the keys to the Email Copywriting Sales Machine (A 4 step system that's used to write my own emails)
CRUSH Writer's Block instantly with only a few clicks of your finger.
How to easily sell to your list without sounding salesy.
The fastest way to write without using a pen or keyboard.
And much, much more! ($497 Value)

 Six Figure Phone Closing Sales Script

Sales scripts aren’t just for people who aren’t the best at sales -- scripts are STRATEGIES that allow you to focus on a sheet of paper and read the words off of it, which allows you to focus on the prospect on the phone versus thinking about what you’re going to say next.
Plus a script becomes a roadmap allowing others to learn the strategy of success.
My team uses this script to close $50,000 on a call and even having $300k days – both big ticket coaching programs, low barrier offers and everything in between.
And we do it all by using a simple little known phone script that's going to be shared with you so that you can replicate in your business.
If you master this script, you WILL increase your income drastically – and FAST!
It doesn’t matter what you’re selling either.
If you master the MINDSET of a phone closer the STRUCTURE of the call is as easy as following this sales SCRIPT. ($997 Value)

 Monster Follow Up

The #1 thing you're missing in your business right now is FOLLOW UP...
You have an understanding of how marketing works and you're getting leads...
...However, you're NOT following up with them properly. You're not converting them into paying clients.
This done-for-you Client Floodgate System will add 33% more revenue to your fitness business by increasing sales, turning your current clients into referral generating machines and retaining your clients longer! ($197 Value)

This program can be easily sold for what it's valued at, $ 5,182 and it's worth every penny...

...But I'm not going to do that! 

You see, as a fellow business owner and entrepreneur I'm saddened by seeing people losing their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic & economic crisis we're currently experiencing.

 I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity get into this program so that they can not only remain in business but DOMINATE during these unprecedented times and even after.

So, what's your investment for everything?  

A one-time payment of only $997.

If you feel like that investment is too much, just check out what Luis and many others like him had to say...

By the time you're done with this, you and your team will have the knowledge, tools and strategy needed to launch marketing campaigns, generate new customers & clients for pennies on the dollar.

This program alone can be easily sold for what it's valued at, $ 5,500 and it's worth every penny...
...But I'm not going to do that!

You see, as a fellow business owner and entrepreneur I'm saddened by seeing people losing their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis that followed (which will continue for some time to come).

And just because you may not be able to afford my $50,000 private coaching program shouldn’t mean that your business should have to struggle during these times. So, I want to give you access to me.

 I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to tap into my brain and to access my strategies and tactics for constantly churning out winning businesses in times of uncertainty and crisis. I want to be your secret weapon for WINNING and DOMINATING in business during these times!

So, what's your investment for the 4 Day Business Ignition System Coaching Program?   

This is an Early Bird Beta Launch special, I wanna give you 50% OFF...

So you’re not going to pay the $997 like everyone else will pay. Since this is the beta launch program your investment will only be $498!

With that said, just know this is a limited time offer & pricing will go up to $997 after we get our first 100 charter members into the program.

Don't hesitate, lock in your seat now to get 50% OFF!

If you're feeling uncertain, I completely get it. There are a lot of “gurus” out there making promises that they simply cannot deliver on. It’s hard to tell who you can trust, right? 

So, here’s what I suggest…

1) Check the “expert’s” reputation. Have they been around and are they trusted? Are they themselves actually financially successful?
2) Have they produced results for others? Do they have raving clients and customers?
-- Just check out what Luis and many others like him had to say...

"In just 5 days I signed up over 30 new clients. I can say I have made the entire amount I invested into this training before it ended" 
- Luis Suarez

Normally, when business owners want to learn what I know, I charge $50,000 for 12 months of coaching or $12,000 for a private consulting day. And that’s nothing compared to the value and increased profit they receive from my training.

And I know that $50,000 makes me out of reach for many everyday business owners. But I find that extremely unfortunate because you could utterly transform your business with these tips, lessons and secrets.

It’s foolish for me to keep this from you. I mean, heck, it’s borderline unethical for me to keep these secrets hostage and not allow you to access these incredibly powerful tools. That’s why I’m letting my entire course go for only $997.00.

That’s a fraction of what I usually charge for this information. Heck… just by implementing a portion from any of the 6 modules within the training will more than pay for this entire thing.

You know that the only thing that will save your business and grow it right now is to do something different, something smart and something radical that no one else is doing.

I want to show you what that different and radical new system is that’s going to make you even more money in these crazy times. I’m asking you to have faith in yourself and take a little risk (…and you’ve got nothing to lose because I’m backing the entire program up with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee!)

Complete the form above and join the 4 Day Business Ignition System now.
To join the 4 Day Business Ignition System Coaching Program just complete the section below and complete the registration process within the following page. 

Looking forward to helping you quickly scale your business!

Bedros Keuilian
P.S. This program will be closed once filled to the 100 charter member capacity.
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